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Hospitals: Modeling Public & Nonprofit Hospital Impacts with Analysis-by-Parts

INTRODUCTION Hospitals that are not privately owned fall into two categories: public/government owned facilities and non profit organizations. Modeling the economic impacts of these two types of hospitals follow the same path in IMPLAN as neither will pay the full tax rate of a private hospital. This article will help you unpack the best way […]

Hospitals: Modeling Private Hospital Impacts with Analysis-by-Parts

INTRODUCTION If the hospital you are modeling is private, you can simply model spending through Industry 490 – Hospitals.  As always, enter as much data for the Industry Event as you have (Output, Employee Compensation, Proprietor Income, and/or Employment).  If you have data for more than one of these elements, you can (and should) override […]

Hospitals: Considerations when Conducting Hospital Economic Impacts

INTRODUCTION: Hospitals can pose an interesting case for IMPLAN analysis. Many are large institutions with immense buying power.  But even the smallest of hospitals are anchor institutions, rooted in our communities and unlikely to close or move.   Hospitals will be classified differently in IMPLAN depending on their legal status and how they operate. They also […]

College: Modeling Public College & University Impacts

INTRODUCTION: After reviewing Considerations when Conducting College & University Economic Impacts, you are ready to examine the economic impact of your public college or university. Public colleges and universities are vital to not only the education system, but also to our regional and state economies and this article outlines how to model their expenditures.   Public […]

College: Modeling Private College & University Impacts

INTRODUCTION: Now that you have read Considerations when Conducting College & University Economic Impacts, you are ready to examine the economic impact of a private college or university.  Private colleges and universities spend and save money in a very different manner than their public counterparts. Remember, each school is unique, so the more details that you […]

College: Considerations when Conducting College & University Economic Impacts

INTRODUCTION: Examining the impact that a college or university has on a region is a common use case in IMPLAN, but the potential complexities warrant careful consideration when setting up and framing the study. The goal of this article is to help guide you in correctly framing your analysis and to increase awareness of some […]

MRIO: Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis When More Than One Region Includes Direct Impacts

INTRODUCTION: Sometimes you may have more complicated analyses that you want to run.  Let’s say the bank opening up in Mecklenburg County, NC from the Introduction to MRIO article will also be opening up a smaller office in York County, SC.  This can be modeled with Multi-Regional Input-Output (MRIO) analysis to see what the effect […]