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546 Industry Scheme

INTRODUCTION: The 2018 data is now the default year in IMPLAN! The data release this year is especially exciting because we have a brand new Industry scheme with 546 Industries based on the updated BEA Benchmark and Census of Agriculture. The new Industry scheme obviously has some changes from the 536 Industry scheme. We only […]

Taxes: Industrial Breaks

INTRODUCTION: Examining tax breaks, tax credits, tax exemptions, and tax incentives for firms and Industries is common in IMPLAN. This article outlines the basics on how you can use IMPLAN to examine the changes in your regional economy when tax policy affects Industries. TAX BREAKS: Tax breaks for certain Industries are common across the U.S. […]

Taxes: Individual Breaks

INTRODUCTION: If you haven’t already, check out the introductory article Taxes: The Basics of the Breaks to give you some general knowledge on tax breaks. Now let’s dive into some common tax breaks that individuals and households see and how to examine these in IMPLAN. LABOR INCOME VS HOUSEHOLD INCOME: There are two choices to […]

Taxes: The Basics of the Breaks

INTRODUCTION: Every analysis in IMPLAN will give you tax results. However, often times analysts wish to to examine the effect of a tax break or tax incentive on their regional economy. Modeling tax changes falls under the category of socio-political impacts; therefore, the spending associated with it needs to be determined by the analyst before […]

Taxes: Where’s the Tax?

INTRODUCTION: As any CPA will tell you, understanding taxes is a big job. Taxes vary by locality, special district, and state. There are also differences by Industry as some businesses are required to pay taxes specific to their work. This article outlines the basics of how taxes work in IMPLAN and what is included in […]

Airports: Preparing for Takeoff

DETAILS: Economic impact analyses of airports are very popular. Venckus and Vaidas (2011) state the main reasons as to prevent an airport closing or relocation, to highlight the ramifications of service additions or cancellations, and to justify spatial expansion. [1] OPERATIONS There are two main IMPLAN Industries associated with airports. The first is Industry 414 […]