Non-profit Analysis Input Form

  • General Organization Information

  • Operations Information

  • To what year do the provided values belong? Example: 2015 means that the expenditure and labor values are 2015 values and the employment value represents employment for 2015.
  • All non-payroll expenses (including contract labor):
    * Do NOT include Grants Paid/Distributed
    * Do NOT include depreciation
    * Do NOT include taxes and/or fees paid to government institutions

    Equivalent to Form 990 Part IX Sum Lines 11 through 21 and 23 through 24
  • Total cost of labor (do not include contract labor)
    * Include compensation
    * Include all benefits (contributions, bonuses, etc.)
    * Include payroll taxes

    Equivalent to Form 990 Part IX Sum Lines 4 through 10
  • Headcount of non-contract labor
    * Do NOT include volunteers

    Equivalent to Form 990 Part V Line 2a
  • Please provide the 6-Digit NAICS code under which your organization reports or that best represents your organization's activities.

    The Census Bureau's NAICS search feature
  • Analysis Specifications

  • Please specificy the economic region of interest. Region must meet the below requirements.
    * Single or combination of Congressional Districts
    * Single or combination of Counties
    * Single or Combination of States
    * Entire USA